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National and international transfers

In Grupo Sur Gestiones Funerarias we are developing a high degree of specialization in transportation, mainly international one, due to the close contact of our staff with international agents throughout the world. We have organized repatriations to France, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Syria, Paraguay, Senegal, etc. Our range of languages (english, french, german, arabic) spoken by our staff has been very helpful in addressing the cases arising properly and at the time of giving them a proper follow-up from the beginning to the end of the case. When a particular agent or company calls us then we begin the paperwork diligently to assist the family and to process what is required in consular, health and public organizations involved in any repatriation service.

Although it is true that every case may be different because it is governed by different circumstances, we always try that body’s delivery time can be as short as possible, always making efforts (in court cases specially) in obtaining proper legal authorizations. Once we get the aforementioned authorizations doctor performs embalming, leaving the body ready to be introduced into the coffin, in which, apart from the zinc used sometimes, we use a more innovative, lighter and ecological system to insulate the body and seal in accordance with international regulations.

Then we coordinate flight reservation (company or ourselves) and send copy of all documentation to different parties involved in each case (agent office, funeraldirectors, consulates, family). We transfer the body to the airport and deposit on time to flight according schedules.

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