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About us

Grupo Sur Gestiones Funerarias is a funeral company located in the city of Málaga, dedicated to the service and funeral management. It is owned by investors who believed in a dignified and serious project of which we feel very satisfied.

Since its creation in the first decade of this century, we have been a company attentive to universal values and particularly to those related to that so painful time of human beings. We combine tradition and youth to offer a comprehensive service for both national and international field, taking especially into account the different religious beliefs which lead us to offer services with different rituals and modes of action, as in the case of Muslim community, for example, being adapted to the continuing needs of people.

Once they contact us, we take care of all pertinent steps and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We perform domestic and international transfers, providing broad coverage for their realization and taking care of all administrative paperwork. Grupo Sur Gestiones Funerarias carries out the overall management of each funeral service (family assistance, processing, ceremonies, transportation, burials, etc) by solving needs and expectations of families in a diligent, professional and honest way, respecting service quality, environment and current legislation.

We want to maintain our standard of quality and innovate efficiently in the adaptation of services to the needs of our clients and our society. As well we aim to a greater international projection that turns us into a referee especially concerning repatriation services.

Finally, Grupo Sur Gestiones Funerarias bases its work on values like respect, honesty and trust. Respect, to families going through a difficult situation so they can say goodbye in peace and with serenity to its loved one. Honesty, to perform our work with professionalism and efficiency in the legal framework of our funeral range. Trust, given to families for being their support, accompany them and comfort them in those moments of the loss.

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